Why Us

Here's What We've Done for Our Customers

Processed billions of transactions

That’s a lot of data.
We learned how to move it fast and how to make sense of it all. We learned how to find the patterns and communicate so that everyone can see the key information that you and your managers must know.

Trained hundreds of managers

Hands On Experience.
Helping Store Managers save time comes from hands on experience. We cannot provide the right information unless we know what is needed. You showed us and we learned. We recorded your best tips in our little book.

Delivered over one million grades

We Score Store Performance.
High-growth companies have taught us what great looks like. We know the right comparison is the key to valid scoring. Having grades reflect results drives the results you need.

Answered countless tough questions

High Expectations.
Working with high-growth companies comes with high expectations. You need to have the answers and they have to be right. We know how to find them and we know you will bring us more. We love it – bring it on!

We Understand Software

Data Mart

Turn transactions into analytical gold mines. There are a lot of tools to help with financial and sales transactions. Data Marts provide timely facts and trends to empower operations.

Utilized Existing Assets

We work with every major POS. We can run our software on your existing network and systems or add a cloud service if you wish. Everything will work on your PC, your tablet or even your phone.

Innovation Always

We are the industry’s first and only complete store performance software. We listen and keep making work easier and faster.

It’s Important to Us

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”
– Colin Powell

It’s important to us that hard work is not wasted. We believe that people want to be part of a team that learns and grows together. We know everyone can do what they set their minds to do, but it’s easier when the work is done right the first time, information is clear and concise, and responsibilities are well defined.

Grow, Your Way - It’s Guaranteed

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”
– Matt Mullenweg

We stand by our work. We know growth is your ultimate measurement of your success. We know you are driving your business to grow. Our job is to provide the software to make it happen. We configure our software to work for your stores. We can start small and go slow, or add things as fast as you are ready. The system is modular and the technical implementation uses the infrastructure you have in place. We work the way you are ready and at the pace you choose.
We have a standard process that we know how to make our software work for growing C-Stores. If you share your goals and use our training, it works.
Give us a call and learn more about how we achieve results.

Awards And Recognition

Sheetz Vendor Appreciation, 2013

University Of Virgina

BandyWorks was awarded the UVA Darden School of Business 2010 Tayloe Murphy Resilience Award for overcoming challenging economic times and demonstrating growth, job creation, and community leadership. As a graduate of UVA, Tom Bandy is quite proud of this recognition.

Software 500 Companies

Tom Bandy was CEO and Founder of Empirical Software which was listed on the Software500 in 1996.

Best Retail Business

Intelligence Software Provider – East USA & Most Innovative Retail Performance Software: Quik Data 2016.

Our Team

The BandyWorks team has a shared passion for technology, data, and getting things done. As a company, we value blunt discussions, accountability, tough problems, high quality and freedom to innovate. Our technical skills include .NET MVC, SQL Server, JavaScript, XML, web services and Bootstrap CSS. We look for the smartest developers and support staff who are also friendly and driven. We’ve developed software and built databases for industries such as convenience stores, retail, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, distribution, and engineering.