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Jerry from Herdrich on Store Inspections

Jerry says it makes a difference because it is immediate. It’s delivered to the store manager and the supervisor.

Customer Feedback - Surveys

Customer Feedback – Surveys.

Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered Shirts.

DM Tip: Budgeting Labor

Properly scheduling staff time adds up to hours that can be allocated where they are needed.

Upselling to Dieters

Upselling doesn’t have to be painful or forced.

C-Store Performance Tip: Creative schedules

Flexibility and creativity make scheduling much more successful.

Shiv Patel Testimonial-Sun Managment

Hear what our customers have to say: Shiv Patel, COO, Sun Management Group.

Make Your Customers Feel Right at Home

What’s most important from the customer point of view? Getting a smile and a greeting.

C-Store Performance Tip: Specialty Items

Novelty items are impulse items – position them to take advantage of your customers’ impulses.

C-Store Performance Tip: There’s Always Room for More Coffee

Coffee – There’s Always Room for One More.

C-Store Performance Tip: Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest Bathrooms

Keeping the restrooms clean is easy when it’s an ongoing effort.

C-Store Performance Tip: Be a Good Member of the Community

Being a part of the community is good for business – and it’s fun.

C-Store Performance Tip: Taking Care of First Responders

Free sodas for police, fire, and EMTs is a great way to thank those who are looking out for us.

C-Store Performance Tip: How to make sure your bathrooms stay clean.

How to make sure your bathrooms stay clean.

C-Store Performance Tip: If You’re Not Selling Snickers

Watching your scanned items can make the difference between a best seller and a biggest loser.

C-Store Performance Tip: Category Cigarette Alert

There are two main reasons why cigarette sales drop. Here’s what you can do about them.

C-Store Performance Tip: Greeting Customers

Greeting your customers is easy – and important.

C-Store Tip of the Day: Moving Displays

Moving a display can make the overlooked visible again.

Improving Sales with Fronting (with Denise at Short Stop)

Denise, manager at Short Stop 76 convenience store in Benson, NC, talks about fronting, what it is, and the clear effect it has on sales.

C-Store Performance Tip: Give to Get

How to turn a less-than-ideal situation to your benefit.

C-Store Performance Tip: Show Your Employees Appreciation

Showing employee appreciation is good customer service. Here’s the connection.