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This is Not Your Mother’s Love

Accountability & Management

One of the surprising things about the motivational impact of numbers on staff performance is that it helps to show you care. Think about it. We know business at some fundamental level has to produce a revenue to continue operations. If you are not measuring the impact of your key staff, how do you really know how well they are doing?

Numbers Show Concern and Validity
My friend Rose recently changed companies. She started selling real estate later in her career. She has been working hard for years but really did not get much feedback from her first company. She was sought by another company and when she arrived, her numbers were compared to the others in the company and she was in the top level of achievers. Her performance drove the desire to have her come to the company. Rose was impressed on two fronts. The manager knew how she compared to her existing staff and new she would help improve performance. The second point was that someone took the time to show Rose how well she was doing.

It Is Real
We know it is great to get the love from our mom that is unconditional. No one wants to lose that. We also know we really like it when we get praise from independents based on our real performance. Few things reward better that objective facts. Not sugar coated intentions, the absolute true real deal.

It Matters
Rose says her average transaction size is going up and she just finished her best year ever. Of course, not everyone is a top performer, but don’t you want to reward and recognize those that are and help those that are not doing their best. If you a mom to use, keep up those hugs. For the rest of us, share the love with some good analytics.