Store Inspections / Audits

Store Inspections and Site Audits are used as a living checklist and analysis tool for creating, assigning, and tracking the standards being maintained in your stores and helps you to discover trends in managerial performance. Inspect your results and maintain your standards. Keep the mystery shopping grades high and train your staff on how the store must be operated. Images and comments are shared to turn inspections into training and ensure fixes are completed.

Site Audit In Progress

Use tablets, your laptop or any mobile device.

Track Audits

Share results electronically and keep track of results.

Grade Audits

Share the results so its easy to understand. Track issues and ensure failed items are corrected. Use images to make it easy to verify.

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Store Inspections / Audits

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Store Inspections – Jerry, DM, Herdrich Petroleum

It makes a difference because it’s immediate. It comes through to the supervisor,

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It makes a difference becuase it immediate. It’s delivered to the store manager and the supervisor.



DM, Herdrich Petroleum