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Step Up To Accountability and Increase C-Store Performance

Accountability & Management
Image of a child's hand supported by father symbolizing the encouragement that makes accountability work

It is well understood that consequences and rewards are key components to successful accountability. Most even agree that clear goals, assignments, deadlines and processes are required to make accountability work fully. We even have a six step definition to help those that are serious about using an accountability process to streamline their organization and get better results –

All of the items listed are necessary items in any great process. They require hard work and often it comes with stern communication, serious ramifications and coldly objective assessments. In short, it can feel quite stressful. The interesting thing that I find, however, when it is done well you find the results are

C-STore Accountability

When it happens, an amazing teamwork and effort is engendered. It does not happen immediately and never forms if too many of the accountability methods above are not performed. It can be scary and too overwhelming if it takes too long or is not done well.

The magic is the encouragement that comes from an honest belief that the results will be attained. It means that the process is good, the staff executing it are capable and the intentions are worthwhile. It does not require perfection all the time, but honest assessments and creative and active actions. When the leader believes in the end line and applies the encouragement necessary, the mistakes or shortfalls become learning events. Problems become celebrations of honest assessment and improvement plans. Success of course becomes a team celebration and before long the teamwork grows so strong that productivity evolves from the elimination of wasteful steps and the creative solutions that get better results in less time.