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Clean stores and a welcoming environment happen every day with help from QuikData

Polish your company’s reputation and make it shine by making sure your stores, from the front door to the bathrooms, are welcoming for your customers. There’s a lot of competition out there and customers can be quick to take their business down the street.

  • Know that tasks such as shelves are orderly and stocked with customer favorites
  • Make sure the store environment is clean and well-maintained, inside and out
  • Ask your customers “How am I doing?” with in-store and online surveys
  • Know where there are problems, fast. QuikData Alerts easily captures details

Quik Data can help make sure your stores are just what you’d like them to be. For more information about creating and maintaining great C-Stores, contact us at info@bandyworks.com



A good store manager and employees can make a good C-Store great

A good store manager can take your store to the next level, but they can be hard to find and even harder to keep. So when you have a good one, you want to keep them. QuikData’s Shift Duties makes it easy to clearly communicate expectations on a daily, weekly and ongoing basis. Employees who know what is expected of them work smarter and are more likely to do a good job making sure customers are satisfied.

  • Make it easy for store managers to assign and follow-up on store assignments with Shift Duties
  • Empower store managers and DMs to communicate more effectively up and down the line
  • Enhance your company reputation with good employees who are trained, know what is expected of them, and are proud of doing a good job for customers

Quik Data can help make sure your employees are making customers happy.

“We save 4-5 hours each week using Quik Data. We deliver the critical store performance metrics to our Store Managers and our DM’s every day. We use the tool as a basic communication to ensure we all work from the same page. The tool has become a store manager training tool for us.”

-Lance Eslyn, Director of Operations Campbell Oil


Spot issues that are costing you with daily, easy-to-scan reports

Pulling from your back-office data, QuikData reports on metrics you set, such as sales of the most popular or profitable items, what are the slowest selling items in your store, site audits, shift duties, site maintenance, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Sure, you can comb through pages of reports, spending hours to find all the information you need to run your c-stores. But, why would you spend all that time when you can have a daily scorecard delivered to your inbox with aone page, easy-to-read report? Problems are instantly pin-pointed, saving headaches and helping boost profits.

For more information about maintaining great C-Stores, contact us at info@bandyworks.com.


“Quik Data saves me time by having all store issues entered into Site Maintenance, which allows DMs and me to see what is happening at store level. Issues are able to be resolved quickly since everyone is in the know.”

– Brandi Simpson IT Manager Short Stop


Clean, efficient C-Stores are more profitable

QuikData makes top-performing stores easier with Alerts, Shift Duties, Site Audits, Top Movers/Biggest Losers and Site Maintenance modules that all combine into a one-page, easy-to-read report that lands in your inbox each day. Issues are highlighted so you know where in your back-office data to dig for details.

A Scorecard is also delivered to Store Managers, District Managers, Operations and Owners, providing intuitive, at-a-glance results daily, monthly and annually. You set the criteria to grade the points that are important to you and your stores.

We realize it’s an on-going effort to keep bathrooms, floors, and windows clean, shelves and coolers stocked, and repairs promptly are taken care of. With QuikData, maintenance issues are logged, so follow-up is easy. You can prevent issues from becoming emergencies with timely action and Alerts from QuikData.

  • Stores stay clean and maintenance gets the attention it needs
  • Your best-selling items are tracked to ensure you never run out and your slow-moving items are highlighted so you can free up valuable shelf space for something different
  • Come out ahead of secret shoppers and be confident issues have been addressed

For more information about maintaining great C-Stores and growing your business, contact us at info@bandyworks.com.


QUIK DATA Complete

Quik Data Complete offers all the functionality and power of Quik Data. Features include:

Quik Scorecard

Daily email reports by store showing current and historical performance of your key performance indicators.

Quik Analytics

Additional analytics options made easily accessible without forcing you to combine and analyze multiple reports.

Quik Data Tracking

All your key metrics at a glance – live during the day as you work. Real time feedback on progress. In your stores or on your phone.

Scan Data Mart

Tap into your scan data to learn more about your stores’ performance. You will make better purchasing decisions, as well as better marketing decisions.

Site Audit

Help your DM’s to keep track of store audits. Identify what needs to be fixed and track that the work is done. Stay ahead of mystery shoppers.

Scan Item Analytics

Advanced sales insights everyone needs to manage results. Immediately identify your top sellers and see which categories and items are moving faster or starting to slow down.

Customer Surveys

Query your customers with surveys presented via tablet, kiosk, phone, or counter stand.

Shift Duties

Check in with your stores as often as daily to see reports showing their progress in completing daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

Cigarette SDR

Collects and formats data for both RJR and Altria rebate programs.

Site Maintenance

One place to log all the issues that need to be fixed. Works with your internal maintenance and your network of service companies.

QUIK DATA Balanced


Quik Data Balanced is for the C-Store Operator who wants to track financial results and a scorecard to provide a well-rounded assessment of performance, as well as features that report on and help manage in-store tasks. This time-tested approach to accountability provides a balanced approach to performance. Features include:
  • Quik Scorecard
  • Quik Analytics
  • Quik Data Tracking: Scorecard reports & Analytics reports
  • Customer Surveys
  • Shift Duties
  • Site Maintenance
  • Site Audit
  • Cigarette SDR

QUIK DATA Quik Check


Quik Check is for the company that wants to make it it simple for store managers and employees to run the in-store tasks. Features include:
  • Customer Surveys
  • Shift Duties
  • Site Maintenance
  • Site Audit
  • Cigarette SDR

Find out how Quik Data can help the companies which need to improve their store performance.