Shiv Patel Testimonial-Sun Managment

Hear what our customers have to say: Shiv Patel, COO, Sun Management Group.


My name is Shiv Patel. I’m the COO of Sun Management Group. We operate a small chain of four convenience stores called Star Express. For the last couple of months, we have been using this software and it paid for itself just in the time spent. It would’ve taken me three to four weeks to pull that data, manipulate it, and get it in the format that I can use. But Quik data was able to pull it, get it into the format that I can use in about three hours. I have a back office. Getting the data out is a nightmare and manipulating it is another nightmare. I can open my email and at the very top it shows me three letter grades: Yesterday, this week and the last month. I set those grades up, it’s not set up by somebody else. So I know that an A means this, an A+ means this, and an F means this. How many percentage points down am I versus last year and I can decide how it’s weighted. So, the way that this solution got me peace of mind, it’s helped me align the organization and the way it’s happening or the way that’s done is what I’m looking at is the same thing that my district manager is looking at, my crew is looking at, and my store managers are looking at. So, when we go into the stores, we are all aligned, we all have the same information. We’re sort of marching to the same drum. I would recommend it to other companies. Data manipulation, pulling data, getting new reports, it’s all difficult to do. Doing it through Quik Data, it’s quick! Quik Data!