Quik Data Dashboard

What you can expect

Clear results every day, delivered to your mail box. Simple grades that every store manager understands with hard facts that arrive first thing in the morning.

Problems that are solved

  • Store managers not sure if things are better or worse?
  • Not sure why sales are down from last year
  • Wasting too much time hunting for problems?
  • Taking too long to catch cashiers that are stealing?

With the at-a-glance advantage of Scorecard and Quik View, you see the most critical information. Be specific with the results you expect managers to manage. Add alert resolution, store maintenance, and inspections to keep store managers and their district leads aligned with the key information.

QuikCheck - Including Scorecard, Alerts, Top Movers, and Biggest Losers

See the daily grades, alerts on key sales changes, and know which products are best sellers and which ones have stopped selling as well.

QuikCheck - Including Surveys, Shift Duties, Site Audits, and Store Maintenance Tasks

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Five Minute C-Store Expectations Plan

My company provides Store Performance Systems to help companies get better results with less effort.

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It helps us spot areas of concern quickly, also really helps folks look at their sales numbers.


Greg Hendricks

Garrison Food Mart