C-Store Performance – Quik Data Modules

Start with Just One or All. It’s Your Choice.

What to expect:

  • Increased same store sales
  • Less time spent fixing the same old problems
  • More time to focus on adding new stores

Problems addressed:

  • Funding meaningful bonuses
  • Cash flow for expansion loans
  • Time wasted chasing problems

Our software helps your team do more work, do it better, and take less time. Quik Data offers modules that address: scorecards, alert resolution, store maintenance, shift duties, store inspections, customer surveys, cigarette scan data, product sales management, and 3rd party data integration. Our clients typically start with one or two modules that best fit their growth priorities.


With the at-a-glance advantage of Scorecard and Quik View, you see the most critical information. Be specific with the results you expect managers to manage.


Receive and respond to alerts so that all store staff and your leadership know the critical information. It keeps your team aligned and helps to develop management thinking.


Create customer-facing surveys that can be completed with just a click. Know the customer’s perception of your business and your staff.

Shift Duties

An electronic log to capture the work that needs to get done. It eliminates a set of paper records and enables an accurate timestamp for work. Audits and trends are quick and easy.


Store Inspections provide a checklist and analysis tool for creating, assigning, and tracking the standards being maintained in your stores. Inspect your results and maintain your standards.

Store Maintenance

The Store Maintenance tool offers staff an organized system for creating requests for maintenance needs within stores, assigning the maintenance work, and offers a centralized trail of the progress.

Hear from our clients

Quik Data is a store manager training tool.


Lance Eslyn

COO, Campbell Oil