QUIK DATA Enterprise

Quik Data Complete offers all the functionality and power of Quik Data. Features include:

Quik Check

Quik Check is for the company that wants to make it it simple for store managers and employees to run the in-store tasks.

Quik Scorecard

Daily email reports by store showing current and historical performance of your key performance indicators.

Quik Analytics

Additional analytics options made easily accessible without forcing you to combine and analyze multiple reports.

Quik Data Tracking

All your key metrics at a glance – live during the day as you work. Real time feedback on progress. In your stores or on your phone.

Scan Data Mart

Tap into your scan data to learn more about your stores’ performance. You will make better purchasing decisions, as well as better marketing decisions.

Site Audit

Help your DM’s to keep track of store audits. Identify what needs to be fixed and track that the work is done. Stay ahead of mystery shoppers.

Scan Item Analytics

Advanced sales insights everyone needs to manage results. Immediately identify your top sellers and see which categories and items are moving faster or starting to slow down.

Customer Surveys

Query your customers with surveys presented via tablet, kiosk, phone, or counter stand.

Shift Duties

Check in with your stores as often as daily to see reports showing their progress in completing daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

Cigarette SDR

Collects and formats data for both RJR and Altria rebate programs.

Site Maintenance

One place to log all the issues that need to be fixed. Works with your internal maintenance and your network of service companies.

Price sheet

  • Executive Scorecard & Planning

  • $50/month

  • Scorecards, Scan Data Analytics* and budgets
  • Starting at $50 per month per user
  • *Scan Data is a per store charge.
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  • Audits & Action

  • $15/month

  • Starting at $15/month per store
  • Site Maintenance
  • Shift Duties
  • Upselling Coaching
  • Store Audit
  • Alert Resolution
  • Request a Demo
  • Feedback & Promotions

  • $20/month

  • Starting at $20/month per store
  • Scan Data Rebates
  • Surveys
  • Request a Demo
  • Enterprise license available

  • Charges per user

  • Includes: Executive Scorecard & Planning, Audits & Action and Feedback & Promotions
  • Request a Demo