Quik Data Trends

What to expect

  • Higher sales from hot products
  • Increased basket size
  • Higher upselling participation

Problems addressed

  • Fewer ‘holes’ in the shelves
  • Less inventory for dead items
  • Fear of customer annoyance from upselling

Use your data to assess promotions, control inventory, remove losers, optimize winners and drive your sales. Up-selling is much easier when store managers get hour-by-hour assessments of results and know who and when the right service is provided. It is fun and easy to build team work and achieve results.

Ask about our Up-selling coaching service. It’s quick and easy and works with your team as they work. Quik results and builds an environment for growth.

Track and Manage Products Activities

Top Movers and Biggest Losers

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Pepsi Uses Fact-Based Selling to Maximize Store Performance

Pepsi Uses ‘Fact-Based’ Selling to Maximize Store Performance.

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Bob Stewart

Market Director, Pepsi Beverages Company