How Quik Data
Completes the 5 Steps to Optimize C-Store Performance

Quik Data Store Performance Software is the perfect complement to your back office software.

BandyWorks isn’t in the business of accounting and financial software. But we do recognize that a good back office system is the first step required to optimize C-Store performance.

Our mission is to provide store management software that addresses all the management issues that are NOT the focus of your back office. That’s why we call it C-Store management software, with the emphasis on “Store”.  Important stuff goes on in the back office, but the business happens in the stores.

Bandyworks’ Quik Chek software addresses the following 4 areas of store management:



Having a structure for hiring and on-boarding needs to address both training and retention. Providing excellent training and filing higher level positions organically helps retain the best staff and creates management capacity.



C-store staff interact with customers every day. Delivering consistent work is essential for the company to thrive. Putting systems in place ensures consistency and defines expectations.

Customer Experience


Providing consistent service requires employees to deliver the desired experience regardless of the customer politeness, traffic, weather and other uncontrollable events.

Growth & Capacity


Establishing growth and capacity of your existing stores is the bridge to growing new stores. Establishing growth and capacity for your existing stores means that you can replace retiring, terminated or otherwise lost managers and staff.

Examples of How Quik Data Works

Clients using Quik Data grow in many ways. The table below presents four real-world examples of growth from implementing Quik Data c-store performance software:

Focus Promotions Customer Experience Management Development Integrated C-Store Performance
Modules Cigarette Scan Data Shift Duties
Quik Data Trends
Quik Data Dashboard
Store Maintenance
Results 12% cigarette revenue growth Stabilized store cleanliness rating at 85% 10% improvement in retention
25% increase in DM development
10% sales growth
20% increase in stores

Reviews, Training and Custom Analysis

Sometimes store performance starts with an analysis of your current operations. We have learned from the best and have experience from many different operations. This experience helps solve unique problems. Our experts are available to do custom research or help solve an integration issue. Our analysis services include:

Market Basket

It’s your data. Use it to grow. Know what sells, when it sells and what drives other sales. Space and inventory are limited. Maximize sales by hour, optimize vendor specials to make the most of your space.


Labor is the key to profitability and growth. Too little and customers are unhappy, too much and profits erode. Consider sales by day of week and time of day. Factor in operations.


Who is driving upsells and taking advantage of promotions and special items? Knowledge is power. Pinpoint cashiers that achieve top results to reward success and identify training opportunities.

Store Performance

Software and process are key to replicating growth. Our senior consultants have worked with the best. Get an expert perspective on streamlining operations to focus on Growth.