How it works

The Store Performance Path

1 - Take 5 Minutes to Plan


2 - Prioritize the Important Work


3 - Upsell & Promote Sales


4 - Inspect Work & Train Team


Making the customer experience exactly what you want it to be. Consistently good service does not happen by accident. Controlling the important work is the key to achieving your expected results. You know what needs to be done. Store Performance makes it happen. The steps are easy to understand and follow. Our key advantage is making it easy to track results and see what needs to be done. You spend your time running your stores – not running around searching for answers.

Store Performance – Who Does It?

Go big or start small. The software installs quickly and starts to work right away. Get started – learn and grow as you go. The BandyWorks support team is always available to help. Add each group as you wish. The more you add the more complete the system becomes.


Scorecards and Cigarettes – Start with your key managers and price book manager. Get the data flowing to the big bosses to learn how scoring works. While you’re learning, set-up the cigarettes to pay for the system and get some nice upselling underway.

Store Managers

A typical second step is to share scorecards and a Quik Check dashboard to see the most critical information. Be specific in the results you expect them to manage. Add alert resolution, store maintenance, and inspections to keep store manager and their district leads aligned with the key information.

Store Staff

Add the store staff by including the product upsell information, shift duties and site inspections. Eliminate manual work that is hard to track, so you can measure and compare results. Develop staff using fact-based information and feedback on the work they have done.


Take customer surveys to get your customers involved. Know how your customers experience your service directly. Listen to them and add more inspections to help your team know exactly how they are progressing.

The Store Performance Timeline

Keeping busy is a way of life for C-Store workers. Knowing what needs to be done is the first step towards completion. Knowing the priorities ensure the most important work is done when it is needed. Having regular feedback ensures the work is done the right way. Developing staff and working together makes progress. Progressing each day at every store to serve your customers delivers results that achieve growth.

Each Day

  • 5-minute Quik Check
  • Alert Review
  • Product review
  • Maintenance– 11:05
  • Maintenance – 1:15
    • Customers provide feedback on bathrooms
    • Track shift duties as the day progresses
  • Shift Change

Each Week

  • Check sales trends
  • Send in Cig reviews
  • Inspect two stores in your district

Each Month

  • Check vendor results / plan product mix analysis
  • Month-End – wrap up the results and calculate bonuses
  • Periodic – review results to share success and find training focus for store manager meeting

Support, Consulting and Training

We are here to help. We know making work simpler is not always easy. Better yes, but sometimes you may just want a little extra help. Call us, email, or chat. Our job is to make it easier – that is what we love to do. In addition, we have online training, webinars, and we will even come to you.