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Get tips from the experts – those on the C-Store front line – on making your C-Store one of the best:

  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Cleaning
  • Presentation and Merchandising
  • Training and Management

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"... A must read for everyone in the convenience industry."

-Bill Scott

You want clean, well-run stores that attract customers and where people want to work. BandyWorks makes it possible.

As an owner and operator of convenience stores, we understand you want four things:

Clean and customer-ready stores

It’s good for sales and it’s good for your company reputation. QuikData™ tracks store maintenance and staff duties on an ongoing basis. Learn more

Better C-Store Manager Retention

Turnover is expensive. With QuikData, you can you can set goals, tasks, timetables, and more, so everyone knows what’s expected of them. Learn more

Increased sales

You may not love technology, but you know it’s a proven way to gain additional profitability. QuikData is easy to use and it can help your bottom line – from the beginning. Learn more

Simpler day

C-stores are hectic places. QuikData provides actionable insights so you can quickly see what needs to be done, then get back to making customers happy. Learn more


“Quik Data delivers information that immediately allows my store managers and me to see the critical information. We save time by knowing exactly what needs to be addressed. We use the time to resolve important issues every day.”

-Tony Dickow, Vice President, Operations, Quik Chek



We know QuikData isn’t for every C-Store owner – only the ones who want to use technology to automate systems and processes that help their employees do a great job for your company. If you are the owner who understands that you must grow to survive, QuikData can help take your company of convenience stores to the top.


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Properly scheduling staff time adds up to hours that can be allocated where they are needed.


Upselling doesn’t have to be painful or forced.

A few words from our happy customers...

    Brandi Simpson1

    Brandi Simpson

    IT Manager, Short Stop

    Quik Data saves me time by having all store issues entered into Site Maintenance, which allows DMs and me to see what is happening at store level. Issues are able to be resolved quickly since everyone is in the know.

    Lance Eslyn2

    Lance Eslyn

    Director of Operations, Campbell Oil

    We save 4-5 hours each week using Quik Data. We deliver the critical store performance metrics to our Store Managers and our DM’s every day. We use the tool as a basic communication to ensure we all work from the same page. The tool has become a store manager training tool for us.

    Greg Hendricks3

    Greg Hendricks

    Vice-President, HJGarrison Oil Co.

    We save 3 to 4 hours per day by using Bandy Works’ Quick Data to provide accurate and secure information that our store managers use everyday.

    Rodney Munford4

    Bob Stewart

    Market Director, Pepsi Beverages Company, Eastern Virginia

    Bandyworks has the ability to mine store level sales data that can be used to develop a succinct and fact based package of information that allows an unbiased view of the cold vault category movement. This data intelligence enables us to optimize the ‘category indexing’ to achieve maximum profitability for our clients.

Our Clients

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