Quik Data Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Store Performance?

Store Performance is the work that you do in your store or with your District manager (supervisor). As opposed to the back office functions that are done to keep track of the financial data for headquarter functions, these are the things done in the store that directly impact the customer experience and drive the sales and profits of the store. While some of the functions require communication and interaction with the upper management, these functions are primarily focused at store specific operations. Such work includes shift duties (e.g., bathroom checks, cooler stocking, fountain cleanup), site audits, store maintenance coordination, cash audits and customer feedback collection. The Quik Check dashboard shows clearly how the store is performing and what work needs to be done to meet store performance expectations. Read more

What Back Office Systems does Quik Data work with?

Our clients use various Back Office Systems. As we have integration capabilities built in to Quik Data we do not anticipate any problem working with any Back-Office System that has read-only capabilities.

We have clients who are using the following back-office solutions:

  • Red River
  • CStore Pro
  • Factor
  • PDI
  • CMI
  • DataMax
  • No back office
  • Petro-Soft
  • Firestream

We continue to add new clients and new back office products. Please contact us if you have a back office that is not on the list.

We can also use data directly from your POS system. We can work with any C-store regardless of their Back Office, or lack of Back Office System. See our options for POS data collection.

Do I have to use a Back Office System in order to use Quik Data?

No, you do not have to have a back office system. We have a proven process where the performance and sales data can be captured at each store. Instead of putting them into spreadsheets the data can go directly into Quik Data so you can get the same business intelligence benefits. We partner with both Gilbarco and VeriFone to extract you POS data so you can use the full capabilities of Quik Data regardless of whether you use a back office or not.

I sell a lot of cigarettes but I am not getting the money that the vendors will rebate for submitting the scan data. Can you help?

Yes.  Quik Data has the ability to collect and format data for both RJR and Altria. The process is very straightforward. We can assist to step you through the process as part of our Quik Data installation service. Please contact us to learn how simple it is to get your money.

I use VeriFone for my POS system. Will that work with Quik Data?

Yes. We are VeriFone partners. We can extract your POS data for store performance and cigarette scan data programs directly. This functions without a Back Office system in place.

I use Passport for my POS system. Will that work with Quik Data?

Yes. We work closely with Gilbarco. We have extensive experience extracting data from the Passport interface. We can extract you POS data for store performance and cigarette scan data programs directly. This functions without a Back Office system in place.

I have different types of POS system. Can I still use Quik Data?

Yes. We are able to work with your stores individually and combine the data into a single business intelligence system.

I get reports from my Back Office System already. What additional value can Quik Data provide?

Quik Data analyzes the statistics you are getting on those reports and turns them into actionable information. They are first transformed to grades which anyone can understand as a measure of performance.  If a performance problem is identified, a process is initiated to resolve it. The stats are then monitored and translated on an ongoing basis to see if improvements are occurring and if the issue is being resolved.   By measuring and analyzing performance statistics problems are easier to find and easier to solve.  Progress can be monitored through to resolution, as seen on a single company wide Quik Data report, as opposed to having to translate multiple reports on your own. The Quik Data reports track performance against specific goals pre-identified by you.

Does Quik Data provide Scan Data Reports that are required by manufacturers for additional rebates?

Yes. Quik SDR allows you to participate in the Scan Data Rebate Programs that are offered by several Manufacturers.  The software will provide you with the report in an approved format that is officially certified by the Manufacturers. You simply upload the report to the manufacturer and wait for your check.

How many stores can Quik Data handle?

Quik Data is completely scalable. Our work has included clients that have store counts ranging from 3 to more than 500. Our client average store count is 68, the median store count is 20.

Can I use Quik Data on mobile devices, such as my phone, laptop or pad device?

Absolutely. The views are built to display on any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet and Phone). We recommend using a Chrome browser.

How difficult is Quik Data to use?

We take great pride that Quik Data is very easy to use.  Instead of you having to pull information out of your Back Office System, Quik Data delivers it directly to you and your staff. It delivers information ready for you to use in various formats to facilitate your understanding of your company’s status as different situations arise. It is intuitive to a C-Store operator because it was built for C-Stores.

How much does Quik Data Cost?

Quik Data is priced according to the number of stores you have. It is billed on a subscription model to keep it affordable for everyone.  Visit our pricing page (add link) on this website to get more details.

Can I look at the analysis for just one store and not all of them? What about a specific group of stores?

Yes. Quik Data allows you to select stores individually or as a group.  This could include a group of stores in a territory or with a tagged characteristic like interstate or those with restaurants.  Of course you can view all stores as a whole as well. You simply check the stores you would like to see, and the view will report the findings for those selected as a combined total.  Quik Data allows you to compare apples to apples.

How many years of analysis can I get with Quik Data?

Quik Data is capable of providing its analysis with data going as far back in time as available.

What analysis does Quik Data provide?

Sales Performance by location, time and category, performance variations over time, trending, shift and task performance, fuel gallon sales, customer survey results, scan data reporting, geocoding of performance results, top selling 5 through top selling 200.

What type of performance gains have your clients seen?

Without being specific to protect our customers, we can say that since using Quik Data our clients have seen anywhere from a 5% to as much as a 25% increase in revenue. Stores find they are reporting on time even if they weren’t previously.  As well, Cash Over/Short reports have improved.

How much time does it take to get it working?

It depends upon which Quik Data bundle you select. We typically have the system working in a matter of weeks if not days. During set up new clients need to spend 3-5 hours over several days. If we need to access your stores’ POS systems the time commitment is a little higher depending on the existing accessibility.  Our sales team has a check list to help you understand the exact steps required to get up and running.

Is the system secure?

Quik Data sits behind your existing firewall so it has the same protection as your other systems. We provide 4 levels of access – Administration (full access), Supervisor, Store Manager and Store staff.

How would you summarize the value of Quik Data to one sentence?

Quik Data improves C-Store performance.