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Four Levels of C-Store Performance Growth

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image of a pyramid depicting the four levels of c-store performance

Four Levels of C-Store Performance Growth

There are four phases in store performance optimization. They define the C-Store Performance Maturity Model.  The model is a guide along the path to successful, sustainable growth. The first one –  Founding addresses financial issues. From Founding the levels progress to Organizing, Growing and Thriving. As progress is made, greater profits or simplified work is achieved. Of course, the path is not always straight and without bumps and detours. When the path is followed fully, mature companies achieve both higher profits and simpler work. Their staff is able to produce the desired results consistently.

Reaching a high level of c-store performance growth does not happen accidentally. It takes planning action and follow-through. The path is well documented and can be followed by any company.

C-Store Performance Maturity –Indications of Developing C-Store Maturity

When planning for store performance optimization and growth it’s important to start by assessing your current level of store performance maturity. The table below shows examples of how focus changes as maturity increases. Use this as a model for identifying your own opportunity areas, allowing you to lay out a plan for moving forward.  Note that with less maturity there is more potential to make substantial gains, but the gains will likely require more time and investment to achieve.


Focus Areas

Less Mature

C-Store Performance

More Mature



Customer Growth Location Promotions and Loyalty
Customer Retention Gas price Service and Attraction
Competitive Differentiation Price-based Value and convenience
Management Hands off Accountability to results
Decision Criteria Cost focus Return-driven investments

Determine Your C-Store Performance Maturity Level

Download the whitepaper to determine your level of c-store performance maturity. Find ways to improve with the white paper-  “Optimize C-Store Performance – The proven way to increase sales, simplify work and make time to grow.”

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