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C-Store Performance Tip: How to Be a Tough and Respected Ops Director Lance

How to Be a Tough and Respected Ops Director


Tom: Hi, I’m Tom Bandy. Today’s Store Performance Tip of the Day is a special one. I learned a lot about C stores from Lance and Kim, riding around. So, I’d like to find out from Kim exactly how Lance, who’s one of the toughest Operations Directors I’ve ever seen and I’ve worked, but yet he’s also the most adored. How is that possible?

Kim: If you do what is expected of you, Lance’s on your team, you will have the best time as long as you’re doing the follows from your policies and procedures here, he is the life of the party. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to, or you do something wrong, he’ll take you in the office and you’re gonna have a little conference. But once that conference is over, he doesn’t bring it back up. It’s over and move on.
Tom: Great information. Happy selling!

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