You don’t have to be a Quik Data user to want to know more about it. Join us for a 25-minute user group meeting. In our previous User Group meeting. The next User Group meeting is scheduled on:

Wednesday, Mar 21, 2018 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: The Pain of Change

We look forward to talking with you!

BandyWorks was founded by database zealots experienced in extracting key performance facts from company data banks. We know empirically that precise measurements and smart analysis makes hard decisions objective – not opinions but fact-based reasoning. Even better, changes can also be measured to ensure they have the desired impact.

Decades spent building and managing enterprise data-driven systems across the globe provide the foundation for the current Quik Data System that is being used to create store performance accountability. The BandyWorks team took an architecture created to solve complex computer system automation and applied our experience gleaned from working inside some of the best C-Store operations innovators. The result is a high-tech approach proven in the world’s most demanding global companies, but custom built to provide C-Store specific intelligence to your operations. It’s high-tech intelligence wrapped inside an intuitive common-sense accountability system. Owners, DMs, store managers and cashiers use Quik Data to make fast and friendly service just a little simpler and a bit more profitable.

Many of the top 100 C-Store companies and numerous high-growth operators use Quik Data to focus and simplify their business processes. These clients receive daily insights to increase sales and save their staff hours of work each week. It collects, analyzes, scores and communicates the information needed to save time, resolve issues and measure success.

Tom Bandy, the founder uses his entrepreneurial approach with client’s, team-mates and partners. His designs always involve technology to simplify work and save time. As a self-taught techie, Tom has traveled the world to work with companies that use information technology to increase productivity. Today, his C-Store work involves direct interaction with leading companies – watching and listening to challenges to find processes that take too much time. He has assembled a team of like-minded data geeks that love making time from data to help their users get home a little sooner and have just a little less worry.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Tradeshow

  1. Greenville tradeshow – April 12
  2. Eastern Energy Expo – May 20 to 23, Booth no: 2203

Quik Data User Group

Wednesday, Mar 21, 2018 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) – The Pain of Change

Store Performance Boot Camp

Webinar date: Tuesday, March 20th

Register for the webinars below, take one or take them all!

  1. 10:30 AM EDT, C-Store performance – Cleaner bathrooms
  2. 12:30 PM EDT, C-Store Managers – Keeping them, developing new ones
  3. 2:00 PM EDT, C- Store Accountability – The Secret desire, what we want
  4. 4:00 PM EDT, C-Store performance – Simplifying C-Store operations
  5. 6:00 PM EDT, C- Store performance – Increasing sales

Our Culture

We Do

  1. Communicate Openly
  2. Meet Commitments
  3. Design High Quality
  4. Enjoy Our Challenges
  5. Innovate with New Ideas

We Do Not

  1. Hide Bad News
  2. Fail to Plan
  3. Allow Poor Quality
  4. Punish Risk Taking
  5. Become Complacent

Deep Technology Experience Ensures Quik Data’s Robust Reliability

Quik Data is developed using Microsoft SQL Server, .Net MVC, JavaScript and Bootstrap for a fully mobile-ready experience. While we focus our delivery first on what our clients need, we invest in the current technologies to ensure you can drive your store performance on whatever devices you have – just so long as you have access to the internet.

Our extensive experience driving large data based systems that are distributed commercially has ensured a solid architecture with simple access to your information. Quik Data is scalable to grow with our clients as they add more stores, and extensible to add all the functionality that we envision will help our clients grow their businesses.

The system includes a role-based security system that enables you to empower those staff members that need information, without overloading them with information that is not necessary for their jobs. The security model supports the mission to provide the trends, grades and recommendations to maximize each person’s work.

Awards And Recognition

  • Sheetz Vendor Appreciation, 20132

    Sheetz Vendor Appreciation, 2013

  • University Of Virgina3

    University Of Virgina

    BandyWorks was awarded the UVA Darden School of Business 2010 Tayloe Murphy Resilience Award for overcoming challenging economic times and demonstrating growth, job creation and community leadership. As a graduate of UVA, Tom Bandy is quite proud of this recognition.

  • Software 500 Companies4

    Software 500 Companies

    Tom Bandy was CEO and Founder of Empirical Software which was listed on the Software500 in 1996.

  • Best Retail Business1

    Best Retail Business

    Intelligence Software Provider – East USA & Most Innovative Retail Performance Software: Quik Data 2016.

Giving Back

We believe you get back what you put in. The BandyWorks team is serious about giving back to the community and becoming involved in different organizations and causes. We work with local Chambers of Commerce, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations. Here are some of the organizations that we support.

  • University Of Virginia1

    University Of Virginia

    Frequent guest lecturer with the Entrepreneurial programs at the Darden School of Business as well as the community and prison-based certification program.

  • Virgina State University2

    Virgina State University

    Virginia State University Reginald Lewis School of Business Advisory Board – 2009-2015, Chair of IT committee.

  • John Tyler3

    John Tyler

    2008-2014 – IT Advisory Board member on for John Tyler Community College.

Our Team

The BandyWorks team has a shared passion for technology, data, and getting things done. As a company we value blunt discussions, accountability, tough problems, high quality and freedom to innovate. Our technical skills include.NET MVC, SQL Server, JavaScript, XML, web services and Bootstrap CSS. We look for the smartest developers and support staff who are also friendly and driven. We’ve developed software and built databases for industries such as: convenience stores, retail, telecom, manufacturing, health care, finance, distribution, and engineering.

SE Petro Store Performance Works Shop by Tom Bandy

Tom Bandy


Prior to founding BandyWorks, Tom has provided database consulting to Fortune 500 clients, and founded two multi-million dollar software companies, including Empirical Software which ranked within the Software 500.


Vinoo Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

Vinoo’s career graph spans close to two decades of rich cross-functional experience in the areas of IT service delivery, IT consulting, program & project management and managing global delivery teams.


Maha Aiswarya

Sr. Software Maintenance Programmer

Ais has an Engineering degree. She began her career with BandyWorks and is very verse in working with .NET and SQL server. She manages databases for BandyWorks as well as works on Quik Data Maintenance Programming. She also compiles data for our testers. Ais’s varied talents make her a true asset to the BandyWorks team.


Mason Cowan

Sales and Customer Experience Manager

Prior to joining BandyWorks, Mason worked for “the dark side” (or so he’s told) of hardware integration. No matter the technology, Mason is committed to understanding his customers so he may contribute to their success.


Bart Levy

C-Store Productivity Evangelist

Prior to joining BandyWorks, Bart has worked across a range of industries from tech to finance. She is committed to spreading the word of C-Store Productivity, how it will save owners and managers time and money, and make them a little less stressed.


Anantha Lakshmi

Quik Data Analyst

Lakshmi earned her Masters of Computer Application and has put it to work building CRM and Engineering applications. While her training occurred elsewhere, she has worked much of her career at BandyWorks. She has served as a lead developer, team lead and mentor.


Kathy Magnusson


Kathy has managed the payroll, invoicing and payables for Tom at various companies since 1995. Kathy has an experienced eye for the consulting business to help our staff manage their expenses, track their time and so the team may focus on their responsibilities. Her keen eye and warm heart is a combination the team loves.