Quickly Pinpoint Problems and Drive Improved
C-Store Performance

Score your C-Store performance results vs. goals and identify work that can lead to improved sales. Quik Data will improve the way your team members work to impact sales results.

Quik Data is not a back office solution. It’s much more. Quik Data focuses exclusively on the work done in your stores, like sales results, site maintenance, customer feedback, employee work, and management follow-through, so you control your operations and meet your goals.


Impact Store Performance

If you agree that the actions your people take impact your store performance, you’ll understand the concept behind Quik Data.

Quik Data analyzes your POS scan and transaction data and combines it with other data to track your custom key performance indicators (KPIs). Some data points include:

  • Customer surveys
  • Shift duties
  • Site audits
  • Site maintenance
  • Other custom sources

Your custom KPIs are tracked and presented to your team members in daily, easy-to-understand email reports and scorecards. Want to learn more? Contact us today or click for a free demo.


Empower Your Store Managers to Do a Better Job

Once your store managers can see where the problems are, they can take appropriate actions. Quik Data Scorecards give store managers and district managers instant visibility into operations, showing where their stores are excelling and where they are falling short. Quik Data puts everyone on the same page and on the same schedule, focused on the right actions crucial to solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities. Your team will communicate better and compete better.



QUIK DATA Complete

QUIK DATA Complete

Quik Data Complete offers the total functionality and power of Quik Data. Features include:

  • Daily scorecard
  • Easy analytics
  • Key metrics at a glance
  • Scan data and analytics
  • Shift duties
  • Customer surveys
  • Cigarette SDR
  • Site maintenance
  • Cash audit
  • Site audit

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QUIK DATA Balanced

QUIK DATA Balanced

Quik Data Balanced is for the C-Store Operator who wants tracking of financial results and the scorecard to provide a well-rounded assessment of performance. Features include:

  • Daily scorecard
  • Easy analytics
  • Scorecard reports and analytics
  • Customer surveys
  • Site maintenance
  • Cash audit
  • Site audit

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QUIK DATA Quik Check

QUIK DATA Quik Check

The Quik Check bundle is built for the company that wants to make it simple for store managers and employees to run the in-store tasks.

  • Customer Surveys
  • Shift Duties
  • Site Maintenance
  • Site Audit
  • Cash Audit

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Quik Data

The Quik Data software and management process have been developed over years of working closely with C-store operators to ensure the delivery of significant sales growth. Quik Data analyzes your POS scan and transaction data, combines with customer surveys, shift duties, site audits and site maintenance, and other sources. Quik Data helps the companies that need to better measure and improve their store performance.

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Quik Scorecard

Daily email reports by store showing current and historical performance of your key performance indicators.

Quik Analytics

Additional analytics options made easily accessible without forcing you to combine and analyze multiple reports.

Quik Data Tracking

All your key metrics at a glance – live during the day as you work. Real time feedback on progress. In your stores or on your phone.

Scan Data Mart

Tap into your scan data to learn more about your stores’ performance. You will make better purchasing decisions, as well as better marketing decisions.

Site Audit

Help your DM’s to keep track of store audits. Identify what needs to be fixed and track that the work is done. Stay ahead of mystery shoppers.

Scan Item Analytics

Advanced sales insights everyone needs to manage results. Immediately identify your top sellers and see which categories and items are moving faster or starting to slow down.

Customer Surveys

Query your customers with surveys presented via tablet, kiosk, phone, or counter stand.

Shift Duties

Check in with your stores as often as daily to see reports showing their progress in completing daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

Cash Audit

A Quik and factual approach to monitor cash in the store.


To find out how Quik Data can help the companies which need to improve their store performance.

Why Quik Data?

  • Free Trial with your data1

    Free Trial with your data

    If you are serious about improving and finding better ways to manage your C-Store performance, BandyWorks will install and let you use Quik Data for a FREE trial.

  • Easy Subscription Fees2

    Easy Subscription Fees

    BandyWorks offers Quik Data on a monthly subscription plan. It is affordable for everyone.

  • Dedicated Team3

    Dedicated Team

    You will have dedicated business and IT consultants who are directly accountable for your immediate, and long term, success.

  • Proven Results4

    Proven Results

    Your store managers and DM will know where they stand. There is a clear set of actions that are known and can be addressed daily. The process is simple to start and results start quickly.

  • Rodney Munford

    Rodney Munford , Estepp Energy

    "The Site Audit and Quik Data scorecards are saving me a lot of time. It is so easy to get the work done on my tablet and share the results with the store managers. It has helped us to run our business more efficiently."
  • Greg Hendricks

    Greg Hendricks , HJGarrison Oil Co.

    "We save 3 to 4 hours per day by using Bandy Works’ Quick Data to provide accurate and secure information that our store managers use everyday."
  • Campbell Oil

    Lance Eslyn , Campbell Oil

    "We save 4-5 hours each week using Quik Data. We deliver the critical store performance metrics to our Store Managers and our DM’s every day. We use the tool as a basic communication to ensure we all work from the same page. The tool has become a store manager training tool for us."
  • Brandi

    Brandi Simpson , IT Manager Short Stop

    "Quik Data saves me time by having all store issues entered into Site Maintenance, which allows DMs and me to see what is happening at store level. Issues are able to be resolved quickly since everyone is in the know."
  • Steve Winegardner

    Steve Winegardner , Sheetz

    “BandyWorks provides excellent service. They listen to our needs, and define and create solutions that address our specific needs.”
  • John Hile

    John Hile , Davis

    “BandyWorks made it possible and easy to participate in the cigarette manufacturer’s rebate programs. Quik SDR is now providing us with substantially more revenue.”
  • Kimberly Gregory

    Kimberly Gregory , Campbell

    “I like how Quik Data exposes the small things that often get overlooked.”

Quik Data – Quik Start Services

Installation – Do it yourself with our step-by-step guide or have the experienced BandyWorks staff take care of the details and set-up the system.


Store Performance Tracking Consulting

Working with a BandyWorks Consultant, you will discover the areas where you can add accountability into your daily processes and resolve issues without the need for your intervention.


Business Intelligence Consulting

A dedicated Quik Data consultant will work with your management team to define the key metrics that measure performance best in your company.


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