C-Store Performance Tip: Category Cigarette Alerts

There are two main reasons why cigarette sales drop. Here’s what you can do about them.


Hello, my name is Tom Bandy. Today's Store Performance Tip is using category alerts. Store managers can use category alerts, say a drop in cigarette sales of 3%, to trigger a review. While everybody knows there are lots of reasons why you could have sales declines, one of the top reasons may be you just don't have cigarettes on the shelves and it's time to talk to your supplier and check those inventory levels. One of my favorites, though, is things that are totally in our control that we always want to watch inside the store and that’s upselling. So, make sure that all the cashiers know about those two-fer specials. They take a single pack of cigarettes and sell two instead, make the customer feel happy and increase our sales. Let's watch those alerts and fix them quickly. Happy selling!