Increasing Inside Sales with Upselling

Case History: Mt Alto Food Mart, Mt. Alto, WV

Business issue – Increasing Inside Sales with Upselling

Growth Experience – Grew inside sales 13% in 4 months.

Background – Mt. Alto Food Mart is a second generation family-run independent C-Store located in a beautiful setting close to the Ohio River on a 700 foot hill. The city was the home town of Carte Goodwyn who was appointed Senator when Robert Byrd died.
Problem – The store has a small footprint of 1200 square feet with 2 gasoline dispensers. The product mix had been packed about as tight as the store would allow so the family managers were looking for ways to increase sales. The store was getting good results for its size.
Assessment – The owners joined the Altria cigarette scan data program and chose BandyWorks to implement its Store Performance solution. The owners worked with BandyWorks and Altria to set-up the program.
Solution – The program was initiated in just a matter of days. The cashiers were given basic instructions on the upsell of the second pack. Always bring a second pack and offer the discount. It worked and provided an easy and customer appreciated value.
Lessons learned – Providing a simple value-base upsell so that the customer saves money on products they buy increased sales not only for cigarettes but for almost all categories. Providing value and great services motivates the staff and improves the customer experience – even for stores already performing well.

Having the owners support the staff and provide great tools and incentives keeps the store running well and increase both store traffic and basket size.

Sales Analysis

After a few months in the program, cigarette sales increased dramatically.

  • Cigarette sales increased – 18%
  • Traffic increased – 21%
  • Gallons increased – 16%
  • Inside sales increased – 13%