DM Tip: Budgeting Labor

Properly scheduling staff time adds up to hours that can be allocated where they are needed. That adds up to good sales numbers – and maybe a bonus. Here’s how.


Hi, I'm Tom Bandy. Today's store performance tip of the day is right here at Elizabethtown Store 16, our first test site for store performance tips. Amber just gave me a great tip, actually for district managers. One of the most important things is making sure your labor's right. So, district manager took time to look at last year's sales, last month’s sales. There's a magic formula. But that turns into hours that she can allocate. Amber said that when she allocates correctly, she leaves a little bit of buffer for things like checking in and out and just a little bit of safety, she keeps her labor right. You keep your labor right, we hit your sales numbers – bonuses come along. So, district managers out there, keep up the good work. Happy selling!