Optimize C-Store Performance

Upselling & Promotions

Nick Huffman

Store Manager, Mt. Alto

Tight Focus - Cigarette Sales
"Using Scan Data Reporting with Altria and RJR made for easy upselling opportunities. We have had a steady increase in total sales and cigarette volume. The BandyWorks support team guided us through step by step."

Customer Experience

Greg Hendricks

Vice-President, HJ Garrison Oil Co.

Inside Sales – Store Results
"We knew we needed information like the big boys have, we found BandyWorks, big data without the big price -it helps us spot areas of concern quickly, also really helps folks look at their sales numbers in an easy-to-read format."

Store Manager Development

Lance Eslyn

Director of Operations, Campbell Oil

Staff Retention – Develop Store Managers
"The software is a store manager training tool. Everything on the daily Quik Check dashboard is essential information for our store managers to know."

New Stores

Shiv Patel

COO, Star Express

Company Growth – Adding Stores
"Quik Data Software is an important system to keep our managers aligned. Growing the number of stores only happened after we had our systems in place."

The ROI of C-Store Performance

Return on Investment Schedule

Store Count
Annual Growth Rate
1% 5% 10% 15%
$4,149 $20,745 $41,490 $62,235
$20,745 $103,725 $207,450 $311,175
$41,490 $207,450 $414,900 $622,350
$103,725 $518,625 $1,037,250 $1,555,857
$207,450 $1,037,250 $2,074,500 $3,111,750
$414,900 $2,074,450 $4,149,000 $6,223,500
$829,800 $4,149,000 $8,298,000 $12,447,000

Optimize C-Store Performance

The whitepaper that documents the ROI of C-Store Performance

Growth Is the Goal

Simplify Work. Focus on creating growth.

Increase same store sales. Add new stores.